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Winter Policy (1/1 - 3/10)

  • We have a new updated winter policy for weather conditions. If it is going to snow the course becomes closed. You cannot come to Maple Hill while it is snowing. Any tee times that conflict with snow will be cancelled and refunded. This is regardless of how much in advance your trip is planned. The course must be closed so we can deal with the weather and course conditions properly. The course will re-open the following morning and in more severe cases will re-open at noon the following day.

  • Layout availability will change depending on the amount of snow. Reds, Whites, and Blues will be available meanwhile Diamonds and Golds may not be available.

  • The pro shop will be open periodically in tandem with tee times and weather. On "busy" and "nice" days you can expect the shop to be open from 9-12 and potentially longer. This will mostly apply to weekends as course traffic is much higher then.


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