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Disc Golf School

with Course Pro Gage Benson

Are you ready to bring out your inner disc golf champion? Come to Maple Hill and learn from Course Pro Gage Benson. Small class sizes and professional instruction ensure you will have time to be taught one on one while also being able to practice and improve.

Gage has been teaching, designing, and competing professionally for over a decade. Whether you are looking to shave a few strokes or bring your game to the next level, this four-part series is a step towards setting goals for your game and starting the path to get there.

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Driving & Power

First Mondays

  • Where does power come from?

  • Backhand and forehand, and when to use them.

  • Full grip review, what grip works best for you?

  • Footwork, keep it simple, x-step, what works best for you?

  • Things to review and think about during your next round.

Accuracy & Approach

Second Mondays

  • Backhand and forehand, and when to use them.

  • Full grip review, what grip works best for you?

  • Disc selection, finesse, stability, or the meat hook?

  • How to properly gauge your surroundings.

  • Setting goals for each shot and optimizing outcomes.


Third Mondays

  • Putting types and grips. Which works best for you?

  • Putting distance. When to adjust your stance?

  • Selecting the right putter.

  • Wind reads, disc angles, and how they interact.

  • Setting goals for each shot and optimizing outcomes.

Mental Game

Fourth Mondays

  • Play holes 1-6 in a foursome with Gage Benson.

  • Course management, what does that really mean?

  • Shot selection, what are we trying to do on each shot?

  • Disc selection, what disc will optimize my outcomes?

  • Risk/Reward, is this the right time to go for it?

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Tuesday Teams

April thru August, 2023

  • 4-6 players/team

  • 1 month "seasons"

  • 4 teams/division

  • Promote/Relegate

  • Monthly Payout Party

Form a team with three of your friends (plus up to two alternates) and compete in a fun, friendly, and inviting league.

Each week you will face off against another team and compete in one stroke play doubles match and two singles matchplay matches. Win two out of three and go home victorious!

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Tuesday Night League Info

  • Runs April through October

  • 4:30-5:25 Check in/Register

  • 5:30 Draw Cards

  • 5:45-6:00 Tee Times

  • $12 ($6 to course, $5 to payout, $1 to ace pot)

  • Shotgun start on front nine

If there are less than four players, league will be cancelled, and all players will be able to play the course at a 50% rate.

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Women's Wednesdays

Women play free every Wednesday!

The sport is exploding. Millions are learning how great it is to play our sport. Let's work together to make most of the growth on the women's side and bring some gender parity to disc golf. At Maple Hill, this means expanding our Women's Wednesdays to FREE PLAY for all women on Wednesdays.

How it Works

  1. Reserve a tee time

  2. Coupon code: MHWOMEN

  3. Check in at Pro Shop before tee time

  4. Have fun out there!

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Women's League

Do you want to play with other women and meet cool and happy people? Play in a women's disc golf league!

Julie Ferdella hosts the Women's League at Maple Hill on Wednesday nights. For info, contact Julie Ferdella.

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Cosmic Monthly

Disc Golf Monthly Series

The first Friday of each month (April to November), we hold our Cosmic Monthlies. A one round flex start PDGA C-Tier.

Season Prizes - 1-year membership to top open, am, and woman.

Things To Do: About

Ams: $48 Value

(plus the Extras)

  • $20 player pack item from Cosmic DG

  • $13 Fees: greens ($5*), admin ($5), pdga ($3)

  • $15 funny money (to MH) payout per am player

Pros: $40 Value

(plus the extras)

  • $13 Fees: greens ($5*), admin ($5), pdga ($3)

  • $27 cash payout per pro player

Extras for Everyone

  • Two CTPs (courtesy of Cosmic DG) each round

  • PDGA Ratings for every PDGA member that plays

(every month!)

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Cosmic Monthly Standings

Season winner is total cumulative best score on each course. For example, if you shoot a 58 on Reds in April and a 54 on Reds in August, only the 54 will count towards your cumulative total score. For any course not played, your score will be equivalent to the worst score shot in your division.

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Parties at Maple

  • A round (or two!) of disc golf

  • Pool, air hockey, skee-ball, shuffleboard, darts, bubble hockey

  • An 80' wrap around deck overlooking hole 18

  • Seating for 20 to 50 in our game room

  • A 70" TV for slideshows or streaming a favorite show

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