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WE ARE CLOSED 11/19-12/31

The last day we are open is 11/18 and we reopen on 1/1/2024. This applies both to the course and the pro shop. Once we reopen 1/1 we will follow our winter policy hours. Stay tuned for updates about our winter policy.




Welcome to Maple Hill!

Maple Hill Disc Golf presented by Solar Cannabis, is a beginner friendly and championship level course, and host both the MVP Open and the Maple Hill Invitational.

Our 18-hole course has five configurations and is designed to both remember our sport's par 3 disc golf history while also embracing the longer, more challenging modern designs of today.

The course is a perfect challenge for all levels of play as we commune with nature on this magical property.

Please check our course policies under our "info" tab before booking a tee time.

Tee Times

While tee times are not required, they are highly recommended. Save time and money. To ensure that you are able to play when you want, reserve your tee time ahead of time, otherwise you may not be able to play. Additionally, reserving your tee time online saves money.



We have three membership levels. Members get unlimited free play for one year and 10% off new disc purchases.

  • Individual: $300

  • Couples: $400

  • Family: $500


Our Monthly Newsletter

Stay in the Maple Hill know.

What's new at Maple Hill? When do tickets go on sale? What events are upcoming? Is there any cool new disc golf school for beginners they are starting that I can share with my friends?

Be the first to know. The Maple Hill Newsletter, if you don't get it, you don't get it.


Solar Cannabis

Presenting Partner

Coupled with their sustainable approaches to cannabis, our premium marijuana flower is the result of love for the plant, as well as expertise and passion for the craft of cultivating it.

Solar Cannabis provides clean, sustainably-grown, marijuana flower and marijuana-infused products (concentrates, extracts and edibles).


Eller's Restaurant

Official Restaurant of Maple Hill

Thanks to Eller's Restaurant, the official restaurant sponsor of Maple Hill. Stop in before or after you play Maple Hill and enjoy their American Pub Menu, huge craft beer selection and amazing craft cocktails. #EllersRestaurant #MapleHillDiscGolf

upper park_logo.png

Upper Park

Partner of Maple Hill

In business to make the game better for everyone.

Original designs. Since 2011.

Play Different®

Maple Hill Layouts

Six Configurations

There are three base courses at Maple Hill which will challenge all skill levels.

  • The Red Course is our beginner friendly, no water carry, layout.

  • The White Course is a good challenge for advanced players with two water carries.

  • The Blue Course is a pro level course with four longer water carries.

Additionally, we have two Championship Level configurations which are designed to challenge the best players in the world during the MVP Open. Diamonds (FPO) and Golds (MPO) are revered as fair, challenging courses with great variety and plenty of risk/reward opporunities.

Our most recent course is named after our presenting partner. The Solar Cannabis Course is a great advanced level course that can challenge pro as well. It has the most par 4s and is a collection of holes we have wanted to put together in one wonderful, fun to play, layout.


Maple Hill Reds

Par 54, 4120 Feet

Shooting par on Reds is an 890 rated round. It is designed for Recreational Level players and is great fun for everyone.

Maple Hill Whites

Par 55, 5500 Feet

Shooting par on Whites is a 930 rated round. It is designed for Intermediate Level players and is a good challenge for Intermediate and above level players.

PXL_20220624_124141387 (1).jpg

Maple Hill Blues

Par 57, 6380 Feet

Shooting par on Blues is a 970 rated round. It is designed for Regional Pro level players. It gives a taste of what the touring pros play during the MVP Open.

Solar Cannabis Layout

Exceeding Expectations

Coming this Summer. Par 66. 930 rated layout.

This layout is designed with fun in mind for the Intermediate and Advanced level players and gives Regional Pro level players an opportunity to take some big risks and score well. Have fun, play Solar Cannabis.

Solar Scorecard (coming soon)

Maple Hill Diamonds

Par 60, 6900 Feet

Shooting par on Diamonds is a 980 rated round. The course is designed to challenge the best women on the planet during the MVP Open.

Maple Hill Golds

Par 59, 8250 Feet

Shooting par on Golds is a 1015 rated round. This course is designed to challenge the best players in the world during the MVP Open.

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